Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 05/01/2018


1. How do I receive the Rewards / Gift Cards / Incentive?

To qualify you need to be at least 18+ years of age and U.S. resident. Please follow all the instructions on the page to complete program requirements. Make sure you provide accurate information whereever it is required. You may be required to make a purchase or participate in a study to complete offer requirement.

2. Why do I answer surveys?

We match you with the best available freebies, offers, rewards, gifts based on the answers to your surveys.

3. I and not able to view your offers? what should I do?

Our offers pages open in new window. Check to make sure your browser is not blocking pop up window from our site. Please contact support if you still have issues.

4. How do I know that an offer is complete?

To complete the offer you must have a geneuine interest in the offer. Signing up for the offer and cancelling it, will not earn you credit. You can refer to the descriptions details of the particular offer to find out the requirements to complete an offer. Be advised, some of our advertisers will not accept prepaid cards to complete offers.

5. I have registered and completed the survey questions. When do I receive my Gift / Reward?

Our advertising partners will contact us when you've successfully completed one of their offers. You must complete all of the required offers within 30 days of when you register and complete your first offer.

6. Can I directly sign up with the advertiser?

No. If you sign up directly, we will not be able to track the same. You need to go through with only links in your account or in your email to receive credit. There are no other ways to receive credit. If you have already signed up before, you may not receive further credit from us.

7. I have already completed your requirements. How do I get the Reward / Gift?

You should receive your Reward / Gift four to six weeks after completing the requirements. If six weeks have passed since and you still haven't received your gift, please contact support.

8. What types of products or services are included in offers?

Offers include products such as book and movie clubs, general merchandise and health and beauty products, services such as credit reporting and discount shopping services, trial offers, and credit cards. Some offers require you to make a purchase, while others are free or low cost trials that convert to higher cost payment obligations. Some are subscription services or provide for recurring product shipments that continue until you cancel. Others require approval and/or activation of an account. Each offer will have its associated description giving details about the product.

Since offers are made available by third parties, new offers are always being added, while others may be dropped and varies from time to time.

9. What if I am not satisfied with the offer / Incentive?

Offer / Incentive (s) are provided by third parties. If it arrives damaged or is defective, please contact the vendor who shipped your incentive of the damage for a replacement. If you aren't satisfied with the vendor's customer service, please let us know and we'll help you resolve the issue.

10. Can I complete offers on another day?

Yes. Your account is identified by your email id you have registered with us. Use the same email and you can continue with your account. You need to complete the offers within 30 days to qualify for the incentive. Note that you can’t access one of our sites ‘mid-path’ by skipping the registration and/or survey pages and qualify for an Incentive.

11. How do I check the progress of my offer completion?

You can check on the progress of your offer completion at any time by logging in with your email address on our Account page. Note that you can only log in with your email address to Account if you've completed a least one offer. Please note that our system may report that you completed an offer only after we get confirmation from the sponsor that you completed an offer.

12. I signed up for all of the required offers, but my incentive status doesn't show that all of my offers have been registered. What do I do?

Every vendor will provide a email confirmation for the respective offer. You are required to save these email confirmations. If you believe there has been an error regarding the offers you have signed up for, please contact our customer support and ask for confirmation of your offers in your account. If our records don't match yours, we may ask you to provide the email confirmations you received and provide proof of payment, by completing the manual credit form. You can prove payment by providing us with a copy of your bank or credit card statement where the charge for the offer appears. You can send us the proof via e-mail a photo of the statement. You will not get credit for an offer unless we get confirmation from the sponsor of the offer that you signed up. As noted above many of the sponsors will not accept prepaid cards as a payment method and will not give credit if you quick cancel and the advertiser does not treat you as having completed the offer.

13. Why is my account being checked?

As part of our process for verifying your entitlement to a reward, we may require additional documentation to substantiate your registration information and/or paid participation in the offers. As noted above, even if an offer credits in your incentive status, you may not be credited with the offer if you “quick cancel.” Our verification team reserves the right to request any additional documentation that may supplement your claim for a reward.

14. Is there a limit on the number of Rewards / Gift Cards I can earn?

Yes. Rewards / Gift Cards are limited to one per household (persons living at the same residential address) per year. A household means a residence – where you live - and cannot be a PO box, where you work, or other non-residential address.

15. Why did my incentive claim get disqualified?

If you fail to follow our Terms and contidions or advertiser Terms and conditions your incentive claim can be disqualified and your account closed.

16. How do I cancel an offer, subscription or membership that I signed up for?

As the offers on our site are provided by third parties, you'll need to contact the offer provider to find out how to cancel. If you are having difficulty cancelling, we can help! Contact our support and provide the product or service you're looking to cancel and as much information and documentation as possible so we can help.

Other Queries

1. My zip code is incorrect - how can I correct it?

You can contact support and let us know that we have an incorrect zip code, or ignore it for the time being and finish qualifying for an incentive.

2. How can I request that you delete my personal information from your database?

We will suppress your personal information from being shared with third parties upon request. Please contact our support department. Please remember that if we have shared your information with our third-party marketing partners, you'll need to contact them as well to have them suppress delete your personal information.

3. How do I stop getting email solicitations?

As part of the registration process, we ask for your consent to receive email marketing from us and our third-party marketing partners. To stop email marketing from a particular marketer, please follow the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email(s) you received that you would like to stop. You may also visit our unsubscribe page and opting out. If you are having trouble unsubscribing from emails from one of our marketing partners, please let us know and we'll try to help.

4. How do I stop receiving telemarketing phone calls from your marketing partners?

Our marketing partners will only contact you by telephone only if you have provided your express written consent to receive telemarketing calls from them. This generally involves checking a box next to the required consent language. You can revoke your consent at any time. If you get a telemarketing call, you should be offered the option to stop future calls by an automated means such as hitting a number on your phone, or by telling the telephone representative that you want to opt-out. If that doesn't work and/or you would like us to help, do not hesitate to contact us.

5. I got a error page on the site?

Sometimes due to things not in our control, our site functionality may be down. Please contact support to help out.